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Give your program an edge with BMJ residency resources

BMJ resources provide your residents, faculty, staff, and students with the evidence-based knowledge they need to put medical research and expert opinion into practice.  The following suite of tools will help you support continuous learning while prioritizing patient care and publishing needs.

BMJ Best Practice is a point-of-care tool that supports the teaching, learning, and practice of EBM. It is preferred by residents as an instant second opinion that uniquely supports:

  • Preparing for the live clinical environment.

  • Keeping up with the latest guidelines and developments.

  • Reviewing the fundamentals--From evaluating evidence to preparing for patient discussions and procedures.

BMJ Best Practice was designed around the patient journey in response to professionals looking for actionable evidence at the point of care. Access to our award-winning app - that works offline -  is included with a subscription.

Review the COPD topic and see why residents prefer BMJ Best Practice

Publish QI projects

Resident participation in QI initiatives/projects has become part of the educational standards for residency and fellowship programs.  These projects can now be shared through BMJ Open Quality.

BMJ Open Quality is a PubMed-indexed, open-access journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed healthcare improvement work, original research, SQUIRE-based QI projects, value-based initiatives, and more.

The journal provides a unique subscription model to help programs showcase their QI work:

  • All article publishing charges --waived upon acceptance.

  • Article templates.

  • Multimedia resources: Author videos, blogs, and podcast templates.

Incentivize residents and increase the visibility of your program's commitment to Quality Improvement with a subscription to BMJ Open Quality.

Improve research quality

Research education is a vital component of medical education. Built to address this need, Research to Publication is a research methodology and publishing program specifically designed for healthcare professionals and researchers, brought to you by BMJ in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).  

Residency programs use Research to Publication to:

  • Supplement existing curricula.

  • Support research tracks.

  • Provide guidance on topics rarely covered in traditional training.

  • Help residents prioritize research literacy skills at their own pace. 

Support your residents with access to the only self-paced tool proven to help users master clinical research, gain medical writing skills, and confidently navigate the publishing process. 

Read how Research to Publication is coupled with lesson plans and helps support research literacy at Rocky Vista University.

Patient CareMedical KnowledgeCommunication Sklls

BMJ Case Reports provides a unique publishing opportunity and access to 27k+ clinically significant case reports on common and rare conditions. Covering over 35 specialty areas, Case Reports is consistently praised for giving healthcare professionals an outlet to share and learn through experience. 

The unique fellowship model facilitates publishing patient-centered case reports.   

  • Author support, such as peer review, report templates, and copyediting.

  • Downloadable images and permission to reuse content.

Read a comprehensive product review by Deedra J. Walton, MLS, D-AHIP, Head of Electronic Resources at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

Quality Improvement

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